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The Supercross Cup is cyclocross racing at its finest, right in your backyard, and a sports event that is best viewed in person.  In Europe, people pay admission fees for cyclocross venues, for the right to stand in a fallow farm field, but here in the US of A, it’s free.  

Come on out!

The races are at Rockland Community College in Suffern, NY THIS WEEKEND November 17 and 18. It’s accessible by car—ample parking—as well as bike and public transit.

Direction here. It’s easy driving distance, but also easy riding. And, if you’re coming from New York City, easy to take the train.

Racing goes all day, with races for little kids and professional men and women mid afternoon.

You might well ask “what is cyclocross?”  

Good question!  

It’s a niche of bicycle racing that takes in all conditions; pavement, grass, and dirt, and just to make it really hard, there are usually steep hills, off-camber turns, barriers across the course which people have to dismount to get over, and even stairs that racers have to decide whether they’re going to dismount and run up the stairs, or ride them. Think steeplechase on two wheels.  Yes, there are crashes.  And they can be spectacular.  But the racers usually get up and get back to racing.  The races are short, an hour or less in length.  But they’re brutally hard on the racers and ridiculously entertaining to watch.

Here are some videos so you can see what racing looks like.

Racing goes from 8am to 4pm both days. The Pro women start at 2pm, the Pro men at 3pm.

A full schedule can be found here.

You might well ask “the racers are moving around all the time, how do I watch this race?”

Because it takes place on fairly open fields, you can watch much of the race from a single vantage point.  The racers are going as hard as they can, but due to course challenges and design, they’re moving slow enough that you can clearly make out how hard they’re going.

There are announcers!

We have a public address system set up and have two yakkers providing commentary, both on the big picture of what the race is about as well as the play-by-play of the race.  And we’ve got two good ones.  Frankie Andreu, long time professional cyclist, Olympian, and multi-time Tour de France finisher will be joined by local legend Bill Elliston.

And we’ve got racers from around the country and beyond showing up.  We’ll have some national champions as well as a few coming from overseas.  Because these races are part of a season-long regional cup series, we’ll also have the best in the northeast, along with collegiate racers, and even beginner racers.  The pros are highly-trained athletes, but even the beginners are highly-trained; they just happen to have day jobs which slow them down.

There is Food And Drink!

On Saturday, 5 Senses and Fork in the Road are driving to the finish area, close the the best spectating and totally in the middle of things. Excellent hot drinks and tasty warm food.

On Sunday, Fork in the Road and Wafels & Dinges will be on the course.

There are races and stuff for kids.

On both Saturday and Sunday, there will be races for kids in the infield. Races are for kids aged 3-12, and is presented by Clif Bar. The youths need to bring their own bikes. but entry is free and and there are prizes for all finishers. Racing begins for kids at 1:30, just before the pro women start. If your kid wants to race, make sure to arrive by 12:45.

There are also a few bouncy houses coming out, for those who have the energy to play before and after their races. Or don’t want to race. Or would rather bounce than watch.

Come on down.

Check it out.

Bring your cowbells.

It’s an experience

you’ll never forget.